Shag Pillows and Straw Hats

… are two things that drew people to Waltham last night. Actually, they came for Craig’s Rarely Annual Improv Party. Craig has been taking improv comedy classes for the past couple of years and this is the second time he’s had people over – experienced and inexperienced – just to play some improv games. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to have a party.

Improvisational photos!

Apart from Craig’s shag pillow and straw hats, people got involved in performing a variety of skits. My favorite was John as a man whose party quirk is that he makes sexual innuendos about everything. I got involved here and there and surprisingly people thought I was good and actually thought I was in classes with Craig. I have to say I did have some good moments last night especially “Jazz Hands for Jesus” and going on a romantic holiday with a pickle in Paris (that’s Paris, France not Paris Hilton). In addition to improv we played some pen & paper games that further showed the creative humor of Craig’s many friends.

But I shouldn’t babble on about this, as there’s a better write up at the party host’s blog My Whacky Visions.

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