One of these days a talented young athlete named Samuel Adams will emerge from college as a two-sport star and like Bo Jackson before him end up playing in Major League Baseball with Milwaukee and NFL football with New England. But this post is not about Sam Adams: Brewer-Patriot. This is about all the great librarian-bloggers out there.

The Online Education Database (OEDb) has set out to rank the Top 25 Librarian-Bloggers. Jessamyn West appears a bit nonplussed to be ranked number one. Meredith Farkas and the panel at Uncontrolled Vocabulary are among those who take issue with measures used to rank blogs. This includes doing a Google Search for “librarian blog” which is going to miss a lot of people who don’t include those words in their blog names, like myself (albeit this is the most unprofessional blog so I don’t feel I’m at all slighted compared to those librarians out there writing on library issues each and every day).

The good news is that this is a way to learn about more blogs by librarians whic is a good way for me to learn more (even if The Ecletic Librarian is right about the five types of news stories about librarians). Granted as you’ll see from my blogroll, I’m already trying to keep up with a lot of librarian-bloggers. So many people with so many good things to say, although I’ll confess that I’m usually only interested in a portion of what each of them writes. It’s nice when 3 or 4 bloggers bring up the same issue as it finally gets me to pay attention to something I may have otherwise chosen not to read about.

With that said, here’s a selection of blog posts and news articles regarding the library from the past month or so: