Two years

On this day in 2005, Susan and I celebrated our nuptials at the Paulist Center in Boston and followed up with a reception on Thomson Island in Boston Harbor. It was a beautiful, wonderful, joyful day (and the ensuing 729 days of marriage have been pretty good too)! Even Hurricane Ophelia couldn’t mar the day, which was gray, but it never actually rained.

We Laughed…

We Cried (well, I cried at least)…

We Played Kickball!

Relive all the memories of our wedding day online!

Happy anniversary Suze, I hope we have many, many more.

4 thoughts on “Two years

  1. That was a fantastic wedding, even if I didn’t wear the red dress nor the hawaiian t-shirt. I’ve always laughed and smiled at the kickball picture.

    Happy anniversary. You two rock the Kasbah!


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