A couple of quick library funnies

The Modesto Bee runs another installment of “Ask. Mr. Library Man.” Highlights include:

Q: Dear Library Man, since you’re a dude and a librarian, should we call you a “guybrarian”?

A: New words, often called “neologisms,” are coined all the time, and some become official dictionary words. But “guybrarian” is just embarrassing. Let it go.

Q: Yo, Librarian, are you sure “library science” is a real science?

A: Good question. As in the examples military science, political science and creation science, when the word “science” appears in the name, you know it’s a real science. “Sciences” such as chemistry and biology are subject to doubt.

Turn the Page returns after a long absence with a Library Security Advisory System. “We have a situation here,” heh, heh, heh.