The Red Sox Win The Pennant

Congratulations to the home town team (and hey now that I live in Boston proper, they are my home town team) on winning the American League pennant.  In their usual Red Sox manner they went down 3 games to 1 to the Indians before coming back to win it all (and you can see that I called it last Wednesday on Universal Hub).  After 7.5 innings of tense baseball action, the Sox stripped away all the drama and pounded the Indians 11-2.

Curt Schilling gives credit for the series win to Josh Beckett, the MVP of the series.

Greg at Faith and Fear in Flushing pays tribute to the Cleveland Indians as worthy postseason players.

Now the Red Sox take on the Colorado Rockies who haven’t lost back-to-back games since about a week before the autumnal equinox (not to mention haven’t even played a game in over a week).  This should make for an exciting series which is desperately needed in this 2007 postseason of sweeps (excepting of course the ALCS).

I’ll be rooting for the Sox of course as my home town team, my favorite American League team, and 2nd-favorite team overall. I also want to the Red Sox win because of all the commentary after 2004 that said that they wouldn’t win again until 2090 and that they failed in 2006 because they got rid of their best players (as if Johnny Damon, Derek Lowe, and Kevin Millar were the only ones who could win a championship).  It was as if even though they broke the “curse” talk of the curse wouldn’t go away.  I’d like to see the curse die once and for all.  There are no curses in baseball.

Let’s go Red Sox!

4 thoughts on “The Red Sox Win The Pennant

  1. Baseball returns tonight with World Series Game #1 at Fenway. Until then, here’s some news:

    With Red Sox’s win comes loss of angst By Brian McGrory, Boston Globe | October 24, 2007

    Tonight’s game marks the second Series in three years, which, combined with three Super Bowls, prompts yet another uneasy question: How do you savor something that is suddenly coming in bulk?

    All those T-shirts of losing teams? Off to Africa.
    Major League Baseball is teaming up with World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian aid group, to save mislabeled clothing from the postseason for Ghanaians affected by recent flooding.
    By Tom A. Peter | The Christian Science Monitor from the October 24, 2007 edition

    And I thought that was just a joke in The Onion.


  2. I sometimes feel as though, we win, we get harrassed, we lose we get harrassed, so whatever. I’m so sick of all the cranky Yankees fans trying to tell us off. It’s sore losers, one and all. Sportsmanship would be being happy that good clean baseball is getting played.


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