I’m the birthday, I’m the birthday boy or girl!

Today I turn 34 years old. Thus my Jesus Year has reached its end. While I’ve outlived Jesus, resurrection, salvation of humanity and eternal life are still way out of my grasp.

I received my best gift 2 1/2 weeks ago. Everyone I know (and then some) are well aware that our first child was born on November 1st. If there happen to be any strangers out there who read this blog regularly, Susan and I are proud parents of a boy named Peter. It’s delightful to be a parent and get to know our little guy.

This is also the reason why I haven’t had time to blog recently. I have a whole bunch of half-completed posts from before and since November 1st that I’m going to work on soon, so if you’re reading a feed and notice a bunch of posts from the past popping up it’s because I’m cheating.

In the meantime, celebrate my birthday by reading This Day in History. I’ve long known that I shared a birthday with Mickey Mouse, but learned today that I also share a birthday with William Gilbert (somewhat ironic since I share a name with his partner).