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In my last post, I promised I would no longer save up lots and lots of articles and blog posts and then put them all in one post, but I have a bunch of library news I’ve saved up over the past month. So this is my last “link dump”. In the future I’ll do more frequent, more current and shorter posts like “Library Link of the Day for…”

Actually, I’d really like to take advantage of one of the social bookmarking tools out there, but I’m not sure which one is best. As I’ve noted in a previous post, I like the Posted Items feature in Facebook. What I’m looking for is something where I can save news articles and blog posts for my personal reference. I have a account but haven’t really been able to get into it. It just looks messy to me. I know there are other things out there like Digg, Reddit, and Newsvine, but I don’t know which one to try next. So if anyone has any suggestions for a social bookmarking tool that does the following, let me know:

  1. Lets me save articles and blog posts and sort them by date, topic, source, etc.
  2. Allows me to comment on these items and share them with others who may be interested in what I’m recommending to read.
  3. Is compatible with WordPress so I can put a widget in my sidebar with the most recent items listed.

With that out of the way, let’s go to the library links!

Library News & Opinion:

November 10 – “Rembrandt reaches the web” by James Fenton, The Guardian – the British Museum makes their collection of “flat” art accessible on the web (via MetaFilter).

November 11 – “Much Loved, Now Much Used” by Fran Silverman, New York Times – successful library renovation in Connecticut and Long Island to make comfortable gathering places for the community.

November 12 – “Exclusive to The Bee: Secret librarian handshake revealed!” by Brad Barker, The Modesto Bee – More from Mr. Library Man

November 13 – “Boston Public Library board ousts longtime president” by Donovan Slack, Boston Globe – in news close to home, BPL president Bernard A. Margolis is removed in what may be a political maneuver by Mayor Menino.

November 15 – “Banned User Abused Factiva” by Jeremy S. Singer-Vine, Harvard Crimson – even closer to home, a library user tests the limits of fair use in downloading articles, and loses.

November 20 – “Six Techniques to Get More from the Web than Google Will Tell You” by Margaret Locher, CIO – “Google does not equal the web” – Librarian in Black.
November 24 – “Inside the tomb of tomes” by Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian – with British Library books moving to “warehouse” facilities the writer questions the need for copyright libraries, and while he doesn’t seem convinced, he does get some interesting explanations.

November 27 – “How Libraries Might Once Again Become Technology Leaders” by Brett Bonfield on ACRLog.

November 30 – “JP Branch Library gets hot, cold and wet” by John Ruch, Jamaica Plain Gazette – another close to home story and related to the Margolis story above, there’s trouble at Boston’s branch libraries.

December 3 – “Shielding Kids from the Real World” from the Marry in Massachusetts blog – massmarrier takes on book censorship in libraries and schools.

December 7 – Finally my friend Craig states the obvious: “Libraries Rock!

Library blogs rock too. If you look to your right, you may notice a great number of new library blogs in my blogroll. I enjoy reading them and will be happy to add more if you have any recomendations.

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