Links of the Day for 14 December 2007

  • Has Amtrak’s Time Come? by Neal Pierce (The Washington Post Writers Group, 12/2/2007) – Rail travel in the US is becoming more popular, even successful, but Amtrak needs government funding for infrastructure if it hopes to capitalize.
  • Holidays, Minus the Junk by Kate Sheppard (Wiretap, 12/13/2007) via Isak -ways to give for the holidays without giving in to consumerism.
  • Daily News to Deceased Cyclists: “Your Fault.” by Brad Aaron (Streetsblog, 12/14/2007) – This kind of media bias gets me really steamed.
  • What Henry David Thoreau Taught Me About Travel by Tim Patterson (Brave New Traveller, 12/14/2007) – “Thoreau understood something that many of us modern day nomads would do well to recognize: travel is a matter of perspective, not location. With curiosity, an open mind and a broad horizon of free time, it’s possible to travel in your own backyard.”