Extreme Napping

Today we received more boxes in the mail with gifts for Peter.  I opened the boxes with scissors and read one of the gift books to Peter.  Afterwards I decided I would take a power nap on the couch.  At that point I realized I still had the scissors in my hand.

Susan said, “It would be rather dangerous to nap with scissors.  Would that be Extreme Napping?”

And that clicked in my mind an idea for a fantastic competitive sport.  Extreme Ironing already exists, so why not Extreme Napping.   It would be death-defying, yet restful at the same time.  Think of it:

  • Climbing to the top of Mt. Everest … and then taking a nap.
  • Tying oneself to the hands of the clock face on the Houses of Parliament tower just as Big Ben is about to strike 12 … and taking a nap.
  • Leaping off a bridge and landing on the top of a moving train … and then taking a nap.

I figure that competitors can have those EEG monitors put on their heads to measure how deep a sleep they fall into during their extreme activity and that can be counted toward their score.

In real life, the most extreme places I’ve slept are:

  • While working on a rooftop on a house in Appalachia (with the edge of the roof over a deep gully) I nodded off right there on the roof.
  • In Bermuda, I slept on top of casemate overlooking the ocean at the Royal Navy Dockyard.
  • Of course, I’ve also slept at 20,000 feet above the ground and underneath the English Channel, but I suppose it’s not too extreme to sleep on a commercial airline or a Eurostar train.

I suppose Gary Cherone would be good at Extreme Napping, more than words can describe.

One thought on “Extreme Napping

  1. Being a napping enthusiast I too have pondered napping as a competitive sport. It would have it’s own special place in the X-games although it wouldn’t be exciting to watch.


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