2007 Year in Review: Memorable Events

Back in 1996, I decided to make a list of the most memorable events of my life for the year. I came up with exactly 20 events and ever since then it’s been my annual exercise to recall the 20 memorable events of the year on New Years Day. Similar to Time magazine’s Person of the Year Award, “memorable” does not indicate a quality of good or bad, just significant moments in my life.

This year was a big one. Most prominent of course is the pregnancy and planning, birth, and the daily joy of our baby boy Peter who was born on November 1st. Also in the life-changing categories this year was our move from renting in Somerville to owning a condo in Jamaica Plain, another year-long process culminating in our move in late September.

The remaining 18 events pale in comparison, but are worth remembering anyhow. They are listed below in chronological order:

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend in New York
  2. Participating in a side table for labor-management negotiations at the university
  3. Volunteering regularly at Haley House and Prison Book Program
  4. Palm Sunday retreat at Glastonbury Abbey
  5. Another Weekend in New York
  6. Jamestown 2007: America’s 400th Anniversary
  7. Revels pub sing at Doyles in Jamaica Plain where we meet some interesting people
  8. Pigeons lay eggs and raise squab on our porch
  9. I participate in a Summer Slimdown exercise program
  10. The ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC: reports from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday
  11. Our Independence Day walk along the length of Washington Street
  12. Meeting our nephew Bailey for the first time
  13. Baseball travel to Southern California: San Diego and Los Angeles
  14. Our long weekend on Mount Desert Island
  15. Craig’s Rarely Annual Improv Party
  16. The Mets season comes to a calamitous finish
  17. The Jamaica Plain Historical Society tour of Forest Hills Cemetery
  18. I write this blog for a whole year and then some

Well, we can only hope that 2008 can be as fun and interesting (although no new babies or moving for now). :)

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