Book Review: The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke

My William & Mary Alumni Chapter book club selected The Ladies of Grace Adieu (2006) a short story collection by Susanna Clarke for this month’s selection.  Clarke does a good imitation of Regency-era English fairy tales.  Of course I have no interest in reading Regency-era English fairy tales much less their modern imitation.  But I was a good do-bee and soldiered through the book and after a while I found myself, well, enchanted.  While overall this is not my thing, some of the stories were better than others and it made it bearable to read instead of an obligation.  I particularly like the stories about how the Duke of Wellington rescues himself from fairies by embroidering, the story of a snobbish country rector/doctor who outwits a malicious ferry, and the story of the construction of the fairy bridge at fairy.  The rest is meh.

So I made it through this book, and discussed it at book club, but I don’t expect to read any more Susanna Clarke anytime soon.

Beer Review: Harpoon Weizenbock

Another beer from another New England brewery!

Beer: Weizenbock
Brewer: Harpoon Brewery
Source: Draught
Rating: ** (6.2 of 10)
Comments: This beer is #21 in the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series (mmm…100 barrels of beer on the wall!).  The first thing I notice about this beer is that it had kind of a sour aroma like apples.  It looked good upon first pour but a little flat after sipping and sitting a bit.  The taste though wasn’t too bad, kind of a cider-beer with spice and lots of malty wheat.  Not bad!