Book Review: Slam by Nick Hornby

Popular English author Nick Hornby enters the Young Adult Book market for the first time with Slam (2007). To be honest, with the exception of a teenage narrator, this book isn’t too different from Hornby’s other novels (which is a good thing). I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the book at the ALA Annual Conference in June so I’ve been looking forward to this book for quite some time.

The story is about 16-year old Sam who accidentally impregnates his girlfriend Alicia. At first he wants to run away (and does, spending a humorous overnight in Hastings) but turns instead for advice to his poster of skateboard star Tony Hawk. Through his magical powers, TH whizzes Sam to the future on three different occasions to show that his life will not be as bleak as it appears, albeit still difficult.

The book is very touching, honest, and funny approach to an all too common problem of teen pregnancy. It focuses on the life-changing decisions that must be made and the resilience of human beings to adapt to changes. This was a book worth waiting for and I recommend it for Young Adults of all ages.