A couple of movies I’d like to see

Paste Magazine reports that director Terry Gilliam may return to filming The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, his take on the Miguel Cervantes’ classic. Several years ago I saw the great documentary Lost in La Mancha (at the Brattle Theatre of course!), the equally hillarious and painful to watch depiction of how this film turned into a fiasco that had to be abandoned. All indications though it that should the film ever be completed it would be a great movie.

Gilliam has a long history of making low-budget films that became big hits and blockbuster-budget films that flopped. He has a particular vision and style that makes anything he directs at least enjoyable (with one exception). He started out as the animator/American guy on Monty Python’s Flying Circus and co-directed their first feature film and directed a humorous short preceding their last movie. His best work on his own of the movies I’ve seen would be Brazil, The Fisher King, and Twelve Monkeys. I hope he gets this project done.

Closer to home, the Jamaica Plain Gazette has a story on the documentary Jamaica Plain Spoken. According to the artice the movie features residents of JP answering a set of questions, and is developed to show Jamaica Plain as a microcosm of American society. As grandiose as that claim may sound, I think they have a point. JP is an amazingly diverse and wonderful place and everyday I consider myself lucky to live here.

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