Food Lust

Monday night I was walking through Harvard Square and stopped short at the window of the Z Square Cafe.  There in front of the plate glass I watched a man in full chef’s regalia making a crepe.  Not just any crepe though.  He was spooning, nay ladling, the creamy chocolate-hazelnut delight that is Nutella.  I stood there drooling in a moment of pure animal lust not unlike what my friend Craig went through at his gym, albeit mine was for food not women.  This felt like the glutton’s equivalent of a sailor on leave in Amsterdam window-shopping in the red light district.  Luckily, I had some Nutella at home to gorge upon.

This reminds me that Nutella Day is coming up on February 6th, although I don’t know if the originators of that holiday are planning to do it again.

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