Ireland/Britain 1998 day 17: Derry/Ulster American Folk Park

I took a day trip from Derry on 6 February 1998 to the Ulster American Folk Park.  This is an open-air living history museum that depicts the lives of people in Northern Ireland and how they brought their culture and tradition to the United States when they emigrated.  I’d actually visited and enjoyed a similar museum about the immigrant experience in Virginia called The Frontier Culture Museum.  Another commonality among these museums is that I visited them on miserable days in the off-season when there was absolutely no one else there.  Despite the challenges though, I submitted to my history geekdom and made the best of the visit.

In Derry that evening, I meet up with an Australian named Brooke whom I previously met in Killarney and is staying at Steve’s.  We discover that we both have Aqua’s “Dr. Jones” stuck in our head and find ourselves humming it involuntarily.  We go to Peadar O’Donnell’s where we meet a woman from Derry named Carmel and her Geordie boyfriend (that is from Newcastle, England).  We have a few pints and a few laughs, but overall it’s a quiet night.

Ulster American Folk Park

Role playing in the school house at Ulster American Folk Park.

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