Book Review: God’s Library by Joe Parocki

The thin volume of God’s Library: A Catholic Introduction to the World’s Greatest Book by Joe Parocki is a very basic overview to starting one’s own study of the Bible.  If you have any experience at all with the Bible you can probably skip the first 2-3 chapters although these would be great to reccomend to absolute beginners.  I found the latter chapters more interesting as Parocki writes on distinguishing between truth and fact (the Catholic response to Fundamentalist literalism)and provides tips for interpreting the Bible and applying it to one’s life.  The useful appendices provide a good bibliography of resources and an instruction guide for starting a parish Bible study.

Like I said, it’s best for beginners, but it’s a short book so I found worth reviewing for a good framework for studying scripture.  It’s also good to know about it to recommend to others. Parocki gets bonus points for his great use of the library as analogy (including a floor plan of what the Bible as library would like).

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