Greeting Cards for Sisters

Every year around this time, I come upon the same problem. Any greeting cards for sale in the “Birthday — Sister” category are entirely from the perspective of a card to a sister from a sister. Usually the card will have an archival photo of two girls in dresses or a pencil-sketch of two fashionably-dressed women. If lacking such illustration, the card will still have text saying things like “Sis, when were growing up we shared clothing and boyfriends…” Granted, it’s entirely possible that a boy may share clothing and boyfriends with his sister, but there are a lot of variables there that make it unlikely.

Now I know for a fact that I’m not the only man who has a female sibling. I suspect I’m not the only man who would like to send a birthday card to his sister. So I really don’t understand the whole sister-to-sister thing. I’ve never checked but do the cards for brothers only come from brothers? “Bro, when we grew up we caught frogs and belched…”

It’s not that big deal of course. There are plenty non-relative cards available to chose from. I also could be a really good brother and make a customized card by hand, but that would take time and planning.

PS – Since my sister is probably reading this: Hey B, if you haven’t received it yet, your card is in the mail. It’s quite surreal even though it doesn’t mention sharing clothing and boyfriends.

One thought on “Greeting Cards for Sisters

  1. I think there’s this stereotype that men don’t generally send cards. So there’s probably this perception that there is not a big enough market out there for brother-to-sister greeting cards to justify a press run.

    Come to think of it, greeting cards are mostly based on stereotypes. For example, almost all Father’s Day cards are about grilling, remote controls, golf, or fishing. What would be the stereotype that you would use for a birthday card from brother to sister?


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