Idea: The Librewery

I’ve been mulling an idea for sometime of opening a biblio-themed brewpub called The Librewery. The Librewery would have a bar and a network of small dining rooms, nice little nooks and crannies, or “snugs” as they’re called in Britain. The walls would be lined with bookshelves filled with real books. In keeping with library tradition, customers would actually be able to read and take the books although I think here it would work best as a swap “take a book, leave a book” system.

The menu would be designed to look like a classic catalog and each menu item given a call number. Since this would be my place, the chef would specialize in vegetarian dishes and the brewer would make cask-conditioned ales, wheat bears, and stouts. Yeah, there would be some meat options and IPA’s too. Of course it would be interesting if the meals and beers could be based on ones from literature. But not from Silence of the Lambs, that would be gross.

While this place would be for random socializing like most pubs, I’d also see to it that there would be quiet spaces set aside for people who want to read and write, work on their laptops (free wifi!), or gather together for book clubs, discussion groups, and gaming (both board games and video). Of course, this being my pub there will also be regularly scheduled sing-a-longs.

So that’s by dream brewpub that brings together many of my favorite things. I’m better at ideas than I am at acting on them. Any entrepreneurs out there who can help out? Investors? Chefs? Brewers? I’d love to see The Librewery brought to life.