Son of Boston: A Salute to Ben Franklin

Boston By Foot offers a special walking tour during Harborfest called Son of Boston: A Salute to Ben Franklin.  This tour was created in 2006 to commemorate the tercentenary of the birth of the oldest and perhaps most fascinating Founding Father.  The tour visits sites associated with Ben Franklin’s life in Boston from his birth in a house on Milk Street until the age of 17 when he ran away from his home town after a falling-out with his older brother.  This tour is unique in that since Franklin spent much of his long life elsewhere – Philadelphia, London, and Paris for starters – the sites often offer a launch point for talking about Franklin’s varied careers in printing, science, invention, postal services, public service and as a founding father.

You can see my photos of Franklinania in Boston online, but come out and take the tour to hear the stories.  I lead this tour for the first time on Thursday, and we intrepid guides will lead it again Sunday, July 6 at 4 pm begining at the corner of Washington and School Streets between Borders Bookstore and the Irish Famine Memorial.

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