Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Ashmont Hill

I pretty much summed up this tour of Ashmont Hill in my previous post, but now I’ve added my photo album of pictures from the tour.  I had the captions vetted by one of the guides, so they should be historically illuminating as well as pleasant to look at. Check it out, now!!!

What I wrote in the previous post still stands:

The tour covers both a public square and a quiet, leafy neighborhood with gorgeous houses, none of which are substandard.  The architectural styes include Gothic Revival, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Stick Style, Shingle Style, and Italianate.  Homes of architects, educators, and a prominent politician – John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald.

Additionally, residents of the neighborhood came on the tour and invited people inside their houses for a special treat.

If you missed the tour, it will be offered again next year on a date to be determined.

One thought on “Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Ashmont Hill

  1. Liam, could you let me know when you future walks are so I can try to make one? I’d love to listen to you talk about what you love–history!


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