Three Years

Today marks three years since the last time I played kickball.  Funny thing that.  I played kickball fairly frequently in the days leading up to Sept. 17th, 2005, and enjoyed playing on that date as well (although my team had our butts kicked big time).  I even received a kickball as a gift.  One would think that I would have played more kickball since then.

Of course, three years ago today was the day Susan & I joined in matrimony.  We’ve spent those years doing things like figuring out to use our other wedding gifts (like the toaster), playing UNO, becoming homeowners, laughing, arguing about ridiculous topics, practicing hypnobirthing, having a baby, chasing after that baby whose learned to walk at 10 months, loving the baby, and loving one another more and more each day.

Happy anniversary Susan!

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Constitution Day

Commemorate September 17, 1787 – the day when 39 delegates signed the US Consitution – by learning more about the United States’ system of government:

If you haven’t done so already, this a good occassion to register to vote in the upcoming national election.