Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Longwood/Cottage Farm

About twenty hardy souls braved the rain and stickiness to visit two neighborhoods in Brookline on the Boston By Foot September Tour of the Month of Longwood & Cottage Farm.  These neighborhoods feel like a remote English village although one is never more than two blocks away from Beacon Street and it’s trolley line.  The two areas developed as subdivisions of the land of David Sears II (Longwood) and Amos Lawrence (Cottage Farm) developed to provide housing for other worthy elites.  As a result they could live in charming cottages in a rural setting just a short trolley ride away from Boston.

I actually rode my bike through these neighborhoods for a couple of years but never got a chance to fully take in the beauty of the houses and landscaping.  I didn’t take detailed notes but do have a gallery of photos on my website.  There’s also a good history of Longwood and Cottage Farm at the Brookline Historical Society.

The last BBF Tour of the Month is a return of the delightful Art Deco tour on Sunday, October 26th.


One thought on “Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Longwood/Cottage Farm

  1. wow, there were turkeys on your public tour. I guess they didn’t pull out those sorts of stops for the Dry Run! : ) But it was dry at least.


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