Banned Books Week 2008

So, it’s Friday, and the ALA’s Banned Book Week is coming to an end and I haven’t posted about it yet.  Thus, here’s my post and a reminder for you to go to your library or bookseller this weekend and get a banned or challenged book to read.  And yeah, go in person, don’t be a wuss and order from Amazon.  You need to go to the counter, hold the book over your head and announce in a loud voice: “I’d like to get this banned book!”

If you’d like to know why opposing book bans and challenges is important, you need to watch this episode of The Facts of Life on Hulu.  Now!!!

Okay, now if you’d like a less-contrived and more thoughtful statement on the freedom to read, check out this blog post by jamie posted on myliblog last summer: Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.  This is the best response to a book challenge I’ve ever read.

Here’s some other news from Banned Book Week:

As for me, since I’m now a parent, I decided this year to pick up a couple of children’s books for my son:

  • First, a book about penguins that is the most banned book two years running: And Tango Makes Three.  Apparently these penquins live in Manhattan, and thus are liberal elitists.
  • Second, a classic book about nightmares, In the Night Kitchen.  Some folks think this book should come with little fig leafs.

Have a great weekend and enjoy a banned book!

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