Movie Round-Up

Here’s a short list of movies I’ve watched recently, where recently = since the beginning of July!!!   I previously reviewed Ric Burn’s New York which also fell into this time period, but I’m sure not making good use of our Netflix account.  Maybe now that the baseball regular season is over I can catch up on my film viewing.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

A parody of cop/action films and a comment on the lack of cop/action films in England turns out to be pretty funny.  London’s top police officer is so good he makes his colleagues look bad so he is transfered to a sleepy village that turns out to have far too many “accidental deaths”.  Simon Pegg is awesome as the by-the-book, resourceful, and efficient Sgt. Nicholas Angel, a character completely opposite to his role as a bumbling loser in Shaun of the Dead.  Like Shaun, this movie is funny but also a serious gorefest, so don’t watch if you’re squeamish.

Jane Eyre (2007)

This is a recent Masterpiece Theatre take on the Charlotte Bronte classic.  It plays up the spooky & creepy parts of Jane’s childhood and remains faithful to the book.  Lots of pretty English scenery and drama make for a nice romantic movie for your wife’s birthday.

Barton Fink (1991)

An earnest playwright ends up assigned to write “wrestling pictures” in Hollywood and ends up having to deal with mosquitoes, pealing wallpaper, a William Faulkner-like character, writer’s block and a mysterious murder.  A quirky and entertaining film.  Would make a good triple-feature with The Player and Adaptation, in “Films that take the gloss off of Hollywood.”

Waitress (2007)

A movie filled with awkwardness, furrowed brows, and pies (yum!).  For all the cliches and uneveness in Waitress it somehow manages to still be quite charming.  Andy Griffith has a great supporting role as a cranky dinner owner/customer.

Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man (2005)

Kind of an odd documentary about the great songwriter/musician that is half a concert film of other artists singing Cohen’s songs and half interviews, photos, and artwork of Cohen himself.    I suppose the concert footage displays the greatness of the songs and lyrics as interpreted by a diversity of artists, but mostly it just made it more of a treat when the man himself performs a song with U2 in a highly-stylized video at the end of the film.

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