Get out the Vote

Tomorrow is Election Day.  While the Presidential Election is well-publicized, if you’re like me you may find it hard to find information on the other elections and ballot-initiatives that are taking place.  Here are a few resources I’ve found and I hope this may help any readers in making informed decisions when voting.

  • Imagine Election – for Masachusetts voters, creates a web version of what your ballot will look like in your district.
  • Elections Division – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts election website, more comprehensive but less user-friendly than Imagine Election.
  • The Swiss Army Librarian recommended both of the above resources in a great post that explains the ballot in the way a librarian helps a patron.
  • 2008 Ballot Guide –’s summary of the 3 ballot questions facing Massachusetts voters.
  • Ballotopedia – a wiki for ballot measures nationwide.
  • League of Women Voters – always a good organization for information on elections.
  • Protect My Vote – resources for what to do if you’re not allowed to vote or think your vote may not be counted.

Also, f you’re voting in Boston, bring some canned food to help the poor!

I personally believe that local government has a great influence on our daily lives and communities, perhaps even greater than the influence of the President, so please take some time to researche the candidates and issues, and then vote!

Your comments are welcome

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