Beer Review: Cambridge Amber

Beer: Cambridge Amber
Brewer: Cambridge Brewing Company
Source: Draught
Rating: * (5.9 of 10)
Comments:  Drank a pint of Cambridge Amber with my mac and cheese on a recent visit to Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square.    Despite the name it’s not really amber in color, but more of coppery-brown.  It looked pretty good in the glass with a nice head, but I couldn’t really detect any aroma.  The taste was malty and sweet, but not very complex or interesting.  This is an okay beer that is drinkable but not something I’m going to go out of my way to get again.  Maybe I should try to get at the source at the Cambridge Brewing Company brewpub.  As for Grendel’s I’ll probably revert to my standard Paulaner Hefeweizen (especially since it seems I’ve neglected to review that beer).

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