Franklin Park Snow Festival

The Franklin Park Coalition hosted a Snow Festival today in Boston’s largest park.  Ironically, this may be the first weekend in 2009 when it was not snowing, and with the sun shining and temperatures soaring into the balmy high 30’s, snow was actually starting to melt. Still, the park had plenty of leftover snow to play in.

I was impressed by the FPC volunteers who had extra sleds that they were lending out to people on the sledding hill.  We took our fifteen-month-old son down the hill four times for his first sledding adventures.  We also built a small, and rather sad, snowperson among a field full of more inspired snow art.  Other activities that we didn’t participate in included cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and board games in the golf clubhouse.  We had a blast and will definitely want to return for future Snow Festivals.

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