Beer Review: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

The flagship beer from the brewery “down the street” served on tap at perhaps the most appropriate locale, Doyle’s Cafe

Beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Brewer: Boston Beer Company
Source: Draught
Rating: ** (6.5 of 10)

Comments:  I’ve had this beer many times over many years, but never actually reviewed it.  Sam Adams is always my stand by at those bars that only serve Bud, Miller, Coors, and Sam Adams.  Still it’s not one I’d often chose when more robust microbrews and imports are available. The beer has an attractive copper color, not much aroma to speak of, and a slightly-sweet malty flavor.  Pretty good for a lager, but also somewhat bland compared to all the other great beers out there.

One thought on “Beer Review: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

  1. A fair review, I must say. I expected better but considering what else is out there, yes, the Lager is just a cut above run of the mill.


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