Retropost: The Worst Night of the Year

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about why I think Daylight Saving Time is evil.  As we spring forward our clocks today, and try to shake off the sleepiness, have more heart attacks, feel more blue and find the roads even more dangerous than usual, let’s look back at my alternate plan:

A better solution is to just change hours. A regular work day would be 8 am – 4 pm. Baseball games would start 6:30 pm. Prime time tv starts at 7 pm. Bars that have last call at 2 am would now call closing time at 1 am. People stay up too late anyhow. My solution would mean that daylight would be “saved” and no one would ever have to change their clocks and most importantly, no one would mess with my sleep.

For more on the dangers and inconveniences of Daylight Saving Time: