Beer Review: Mayflower Pale Ale

Beer: Mayflower Pale Ale
Brewer: Mayflower Brewing Co.
Source:  12 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7.8 of 10)
Comments:  From the Plymouth, MA based brewery comes their flagship (pun intended?) pale ale and it’s a pretty good one.  It pours out a nice orangey-brown with a thick head (one that lasts a while and leaves a little lace behind to boot).  It has a malty taste with some fruity overtones and a touch of the bitter in the aftertaste.  I liked it.  Anyone up for a road trip to Plymouth to sample at the brewery?

Beer Review: Singha Lager

Beer: Singha Lager
Brewer: Boon Rawd Brewery
Source:  12 oz. bottle
Rating: * (5.6 of 10)
Comments:  Enjoyed with a Thai Meal at the Wonder Spice Cafe in Jamaica Plain.  This is a lager, not my favorite style, but a decent one that is cool and drinkable.  Singha is very pale gold beer without much carbonation and a thick head made up of big bubbles that dissipate quickly.  The aroma is kind of must, the beer feels effervescent on the tongue, and the aftertaste is fruity but otherwise there’s not much flavor.  This is an okay beer that goes well with the food but not something I’d get on any other occasion.