Beer Review: Bass Ale

Beer:  Bass Ale
Brewer:  Bass Brewers Limited
Source:  Draught
Rating: No Stars (4.9 of 10)
Comments:  The website for this beer promotes it for mixing with Guinness for a black & tan.  I guess that’s because it can’t stand on it’s own, because I found it a bit disappointing.  The pint I had was a nice reddish brown with no head or carbonation.  There was a very faint caramel smell and the taste had a hint of bitterness but mostly tasted like a good piece of toast with a long lasting aftertaste.  It was a decent beer, I’m not trashing it (and maybe I just had a bad pour from the bartender) but not something to get too excited about.

One response to this post.

  1. Bass used to be my ‘go to’ beer. Its been awhile since I had one so I’m glad I came across your review. Need to have one again and see if it is as good as I used to think it was!



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