Beer Review: Clarke’s Amber

Beer: Clarke’s Amber
Brewer: (served at) Clarke’s at South Station
Source:  Draught
Rating: * (5.2 of 10)
Comments:  This is the house beer at Clarke’s the pub within South Station in Boston (although I’ve become somewhat distrustful of house beers).  This is not a great beer but a decent cheap beer (only $3 compared to $5 and up for the name brand beers).  It’s not so much amber as a deep mahogany color.  I didn’t detect much of an aroma and the taste is somewhat acidic with hints of a sweet candy flavor.  The head dissipates quickly and leaves only sporadic lacing on the glass.

Clarke’s itself seems like a nice place to toss back a pint, fairly busy on a Friday night even though there’s not much else going on in that part of town.  After dinner and a couple of beers I hopped on the commuter rail to Forest Hills.  Nice!

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