Beer Review: Abita Turbodog

Beer: Abita Turbodog
Brewer: Abita Brewing Company
Source:  Draught
Rating: ** (6 of 10)
Comments: A dark ale from Lousiana, Abita Turbodog pours out with a big-bubbled head that quickly vanishes.  The beer has a sweet caramel scent and a slight chocolate porter flavor.  The tastes isn’t that strong though, which makes it a bit disappointing as it is rather bland.

Beer Review: Stella Artois

Beer: Stella Artois
Brewer: Stella Artois
Source:  Draught
Rating: * (5.5 of 10)
Comments: Belgium’s most popular export is light colored and effervescent with a nice fluffy head that quickly vanishes and doesn’t leave behind much lace.  The taste has hints of lemons and smells kind of skunky.  The beer is refreshing and not offensive but not too exciting either.  Okay for a lager, but not a great example of Belgian brewing excellence.