James Joyce Ramble

This morning my son Peter & I went to watch the James Joyce Ramble 10 K road race in Dedham, MA.  I’m not much for spectating road races in general but this perked my interest because:

  1. I’ve been meaning to visit the town of Dedham for some time.
  2. The website for the James Joyce Ramble said there would be performers reading from Joyce’s works along the route.
  3. I just finished reading Ulysses.
  4. And, most importantly, we really needed to get out of the house.

We took the bus from Forest Hills right into Dedham Square.  Soon after our arrival a parade of antique cars passed by on Washington Street, destination unknown because I never saw them again.  We had a good breakfast at the bagel shop on the corner of Washington & High.  Then the runners started coming down the street.  We followed for a bit and saw the landmarks of Dedham.  It’s really a charming town, at least the area around Dedham Square.  Down by Dedham Mall its more suburban dystopia, but I liked the old New England village feel of the town proper.

All in all it was a good event.  Peter enjoyed running around.  The performers reading Joyce in early 20th-century costumes is a nice touch, albeit they’re hard to hear.  And those bagels are really tasty, I need to go back to that shop

3 thoughts on “James Joyce Ramble

  1. Love your photos – I ran this race; it was my first race, and my family could not make it (a desperately important kid party got in the way!). So – its really nice to see pics, especially of the actors which is really quite a bizarre idea (does anyone hear them?) and of the people hosing the runners down. At 86 degF, in sweltering sunshine, those hosepipes were a fantastic. All people who held them out and sprinkled us down deserve exuberant applause…


  2. I have never heard of integrating literature and jogging. This is most unique. I imagine Joyce would have approved as he often had his wife send him her dirty underwear in the mail when they were apart. Such a race would have provided an interesting mix of scents for him to adore.


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