Book Review: “The System of the World”by Neal Stephenson (Book 8 of the Baroque Cycle)

The Baroque Cycle comes to an end in the third book of the third volume (8th overall for those who are counting), The System of the World (2004) by Neal Stephenson which is also entitled “The System of the World”.  The major world events underlying the previous book pretty came to a conclusion with the Hanoverian succession at the end of “Currency.”  The final book instead focuses on the more personal stories of Stephenson’s main characters.  Will Jack Shaftoe escape the noose of Jack Ketch?  Will Newton and Leibniz end their quarrel?  What will become of Daniel Waterhouse’s many schemes in science and politics?  What will happen at the Trial of the Pyx?  Stephenson answers all of these questions in his entertaining and informative style with many tangents, including a duel with cannon.

I must read these books again.


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