Futures at Fenway

Today I attended the Futures at Fenway baseball double header featuring two minor league games in a major league ballpark.  This is an annual event begun in 2006 which allows minor league players a taste of playing in historic Fenway as well as allowing ordinary fans – especially those with children – to see a couple of games at Fenway Park and steeply reduced prices.  I attended the first event in 2006 and my wife & son were able to go last year.  This year Susan & Peter weren’t able to attend as planned but with the extra ticket I was reunited with an former co-worker I’d not seen in six years!

We had six people in our group total, most of us meeting up for a beer in lieu of the first game between the Portland Seadogs and Bowie Baysox (won by Portland 3-2).  When I lived in Virginia in the 1990’s I was a frequent visitor to Harbor Park home of the Norfolk Tides, so I was pleased that the second game was a Triple A matchup of the Tides and Pawtucket Red Sox.  I dug out my old Tides cap and remembered the old chant

“We don’t drink,

we don’t smoke,

Norfolk! Norfolk! Norfolk!”

No one gave me a hard time for rooting for the enemy.  We did have a hard time finding our seats in row 16 of Sec. 32, because at first it seemed that there was no row 16.  But we did have nice seats in the back row in the shade with a great view of the Green Monster.  It was a lazy afternoon of cool breezes, frequent strolls and pleasant conversation.  The game was pretty good too, won by Norfolk which according to Wikipedia makes it the first time the Red Sox affiliate lost a Futures at Fenway game.  Next year, the whole family will go to the games.  You should too.

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