Beer Review: Simpler Times Lager

Beer: Simpler Times Lager
Brewer: Minhas Craft Brewery
Source: 16 oz. can
Rating: * (5.4 of 10)

Comments: Friends, I have a confession to make.  Yours truly the beer snob picked up a six-pack of cheap lager <gasp> in cans <the horror> … and, and, and … I kind of like it.  Granted I got it at Trader Joe’s so $3.50 for a six pack or not it does have some snob appeal.  As you’d expect it is a light golden beer lightly carbonated with a surprisingly enduring head.  The aroma is kind of grainy and the taste is of malt and alcohol.  It actually tastes better out the can.  Well, the recession is hitting me as hard as anyone else, at least I’ll still have beer.

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