Sesame Street: Serenading a Grouch

This is the third of my series of tribute posts in honor of  Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary.

While looking for clips to watch with my son, I noticed a trend of celebrity musicians coming to the Street and singing to Oscar the Grouch.  I have the twin characteristics of identifying with Oscar perhaps more than other Muppet but also liking songs a lot too, so these resonate with me.

Johnny Cash leads things off with “Nasty Dan”:

Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin get really mushy with a Grouch they like “Just the Way You Are”:

Up on the rooftop, James Taylor appreciates “Your Grouchy Face”:

Totally unrelated to Oscar the Grouch, here are three more celebrity musician appearances on Sesame Street that totally rule.

Stevie Wonder rocks the Street with “Superstition,” a rare performance where the lyrics aren’t altered for the kids:

I never liked the original version of this R.E.M. song, but “Furry Happy Monsters” validates its existence:

Finally, there’s Feist’s performance of “1,2,3,4” another Sesame Street version that is an improvement over the original: