Sesame Street: COOKIE!

I may identify with Oscar the Grouch, but Cookie Monster is my favorite Sesame Street Muppet of them all.  If you ever meet my mother, ask her to tell you the story of the time I got Cookie Monster dirty.  I’m pleased that love of Cookie is genetic as my son is a big Cookie Monster fan and a Cookie Monster doll is among his favorite toys.

The Mystery Box skit with Kermit shows the comedic genius of Cookie Monster:

Of course there is also the fine dramatic performance of Alistair Cookie and “Conservations With My Father”:

Cookie Monster also knows how to get into the holiday spirit by writing to Santa Claus:

Part 2 & Part 3 of “Cookie Monster Contacts Santa” are also online showing his omnivorous ways.

Cookie Monster is such a presence that he even has his own letter of the alphabet:

By the way, if you’ve heard and spread the rumors that a “politically correct” Sesame Street has turned Cookie Monster into Veggie Monster please read the debunking of this urban legend on the Muppet Wiki and realize that this monster has always been more than just cookies.

Cookie reflects in this interview about his unique eating style: