Beer Review: Left Hand Juju Ginger Ale

Beer: Left Hand Juju Ginger Ale
Brewer: Left Hand Brewing Company
Source: 22 oz. bomber
Rating: * (5.5 of 10)

Comments: This beer is appropriately named because ginger overwhelms what otherwise tastes like an ordinary lager.  This beer is cloudy with no head and little carbonation and a musty aroma. It’s an ok beer but it seems to try to be exotic without covering the basics.

Beer Review: Long Trail Harvest Ale

Beer: Long Trail Harvest Ale
Brewer: Long Trail Brewing Company
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: ** (6.6 of 10)

Comments: This beer pours a lovely copper color and has hints of pumpkin with spice.  The head deflates quickly with no lacing.  A nice beer for the autumn season.


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