Photopost: First Night 2010

Thursday night we finished off the old year and kickstarted the New Year at Boston’s First Night.  This is a great event although I can’t recall the last time I actually purchased a pin and went to the indoors events (maybe when Peter is older).  The best parts of First Night are free, especially the Grand Procession – one of the best parades in Boston all year long.  The procession featured puppets themed on earth, air, fire, water and dragons as well as marching bands, stilt walkers and various and sundry performers.  Afterwords, we watched the Family Fireworks from a somewhat distant point in Park Square.  This was the first time we’ve brought Peter to First Night.  He enjoyed the procession, especially when firetrucks went by.  He did not like he fireworks but bravely held on until the grand finale, and then asked to go home.

The Mayor drawn by a mare.
An apatasaurus grazed our side of the street. Luckily it's one of the vegetarian dinosaurs.
Topsy Turvy Puppets
Creepy Puppet
Peter starts a snowball fight
Watching the fireworks.