2009 Year in Review: Ten Favorite Songs

Trying something new this year, I’ve made an attempt to make a top ten list of my favorite songs of the past year.  To diversify things I limited the list to one song per artist.  So, in alphabetical order by title with music videos or streaming mp3’s when available, here is my list:

  • “People Got a Lot of Nerve” – Neko Case
  • “Sabali” – Amadou & Mariam
  • “Stillness is the Move” – The Dirty Projectors

What were your favorite songs of 2009?

2 thoughts on “2009 Year in Review: Ten Favorite Songs

  1. Hello there. My name is Dr. Tom Bibey. As far as I know my blog is the only physician bluegrass fiction blog on wordpress. I hope to post favorite songs from around the world today and would love your input. I’m an old bluegrass guy, but by no means do I want the songs to be limited to that genre. Hope you’ll come visit.

    Dr. B


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