Crazy Dream

I had a dream the other morning in which I attended a performance of the musical Grease.  Except:

  • It was just the songs from Grease, none of the dialogue, performed as an oratorio, and
  • It had been re-scored by the by band Yo La Tengo, and
  • The music  was performed in Renaissance style, and
  • The choir singing the music were all dressed in mouse costumes.

It should be noted that these costumes were not like Mickey Mouse or team mascot costumes but eerily realistic as if they were human-sized mice.  In tweed coats and hats.

To pile on the weirdness, in the dream I remembered the mouse-costumed choir being frequent performers at my elementary school in Stamford, CT.  This of course is not true-to-life but I’m sure some freaky performers did visit my school as a kid.

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