New Tumblr Blog

My social networking presence continues to grow as I introduce my new Tumblr blog Portals of Discovery.

Why another blog?  I think it’s going to fill a few needs I’ve not been able fulfill elsewhere:

  • I use Twitter mainly for networking and trends in archives, records management and libraries but sometimes I want to post something silly or political or more than 140-characters.
  • Yet, those silly/political/more than 140-characters things are not substantial enough to build a post on Panorama of the Mountains.
  • I also like to tag articles on Delicious, but sometimes I want to say something about that article as well.  Twitter doesn’t give enough space to link and comment on articles.  I annoy my friends if link too much on Facebook.  And Link of the Day was a pretty dull feature on Panorama of the Mountains.
  • Finally, I like the way that people can make communities on Tumblr by following a la Twitter, and liking a la Facebook, and re-blogging, like, well blogs.

If you’re on Tumblr, follow me and see what we can make of it.