Book Review: The Battle for God by Karen Armstrong

Author: Karen Armstrong
Title: The Battle for God
Publication Info: HarperAudio (2004), Edition: Abridged, Audio CD
ISBN: 0060591870


Karen Armstrong explores fundamentalism in the three monotheistic churches – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Some of the material covers the same ground as her later book (which I read earlier) The Case for God and follows the same approach of taking an historical approach to the theology and practice of these churches.  Armstrong asserts that although fundamentalism is often knocked as “medieval” it is in fact a modern practice and things such as literal understandings of scripture in Christianity or the requirement of women to wear a veil in Islam are relatively recent innovations.  Fundamentalism also uses modern tactics even as it attempts to confront modernism.  Armstrong focuses on the history, development, and rise to political power of fundamentalists among Christians in the United States, Muslims in Iran and Egypt, and Jews in Europe and Israel.  It’s a fascinating if chilling portrait of how we got to where we are.  I’ve enjoyed and been informed by both Armstrong books I’ve listened to as well as interviews and articles so I expect I will be reading more of her work.

Rating: ***

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