Book Review: Patience With God by Frank Schaeffer

Author:  Frank Schaeffer
Title: Patience With God
Publication Info: Philadelphia : Da Capo Press, c2009.
ISBN: 9780306818547


You ever get the feeling that Fundamenatalist Christians and the New Atheists are two sides of the same coin, both steeped in literalism and blind to any other point of view?  That’s the basic premise of this book where the author takes on both ends of the spectrum.  Sometimes I feel like cheering on Schaeffer as he tears into his victims, but my more charitable side finds the book excessively snarky when Schaeffer critiques the Fundamentalists and the New Atheists. I think the premise is excellent but the book needs a more objective perspective to work.  The better parts of the book are when Schaeffer talks about his own life (he grew up the son of a famed evangelist, left for a secular life, and returned to a more progressive religiosity in the Orthodox church) and the need to for transcendence and humility in human life.

Rating: **1/2

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