Book Review: My ‘Dam Life by Sean Condon

Author: Sean Condon
Title: My ‘Dam Life
Publication Info:  Footscray, Vic., Australia : Lonely Planet, 2003.

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Condon writes about three years living abroad with his wife in Amsterdam in this mildly entertaining travel memoir.  Mildly entertaining because Condon is one of those writers who is not as funny as he thinks he is (actually his wife Sally has all the best quips).  They move to Amsterdam because Sally gets a job with a magazine, but that magazine collapses shortly after their arrival.  They decide to remain and have to deal with finding work, finding a place to live, and forever dealing with Dutch bureaucracy.  Condon seems to alternately love and hate the Netherlands and its people.   Its good to know that I will get to see toilets with “inspection shelves” in Amsterdam just I did in Munich.   Condon also writes with a great amount of self-deprecation which is both endearing in that I can relate to the sense of directionless in life and annoying in the sense of “get over yourself already!”  An okay but not great book.

Rating: **1/2

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