Book Review: The Game From Where I Stand by Doug Glanville

Author: Doug Glanville
Title: The game from where I stand : a ballplayer’s inside view
Publication Info: New York : Times Books, c2010.
ISBN: 9780805091595

Summary/Review: Doug Glanville always stood out as one of baseball’s friendliest and most intelligent players (even if he did play most of his career with the Phillies) and in his retirement has taken up a second career as an insightful sports writer.  I was eager to read this book about his life in baseball which I received through the Library Thing Early Reviewers program.

Glanville breaks up several aspects of baseball  – on and of the field — into different sections to give the insider perspective on the mundane details of a ballplayer’s life.  While this has some interesting insights at times, unfortunately the mundane detail makes for a mundane book.  I’m also disappointed that when it comes to performance enhancing drugs, Glanville condemns them but really holds back on saying anything the might be even slightly controversial. Still, I appreciate Glanville’s effort to try to do something different and make a thoughtful effort at letting the fan in on the behind-the-scenes part of the game.

If you’re looking at a detailed look at the life of a baseball player this may be the book for you.  On the other hand there are plenty of more entertaining books about baseball.

Recommended books: Why Time Begins on Opening Day by Thomas Boswell, In the Ballpark: The Working Lives of Baseball People by George Gmelch, and Out of My League by George Plimpton.
Rating: **1/2

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