Book Review: That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

Author: Richard Russo
Title: That Old Cape Magic
Publication Info: Random House Audio (2009)
ISBN: 0739318926

Previously read by the same author: Empire Falls

Summary/Review:  This is a book about a middle-aged man who had awful, unloving parents and his only good thing in his childhood were annual trips to Cape Cod that are highly romanticized in his memory.  As an adult he learns that he is more like his parents than he realizes and desperately tries to shake his attachment to them (comically so in that he literally carries their ashes in his car being unable to dispose of them).  His marriage falls apart, his daughter marries, and chaos ensues at the wedding.  This book features some really awful, irredeemable people as characters and cringe-worthy hijinks, but in many ways is very human in all the flaws of humanity.  It wasn’t a great book, but was okay to listen to as an audiobook for my book club.

Rating: **

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