Song Stuck in My Head This Week: “Lotta Love”

A week ago while listening to WERS I heard the song “Lotta Love” performed by Neil Young.  The song sounded very familiar but I certainly don’t remember Neil Young singing it and I thought it was more disco-ey.

So I fired up my trusty search engine and found that there was indeed another version of this song that charted in 1978 by Nicolette Larson.

Okay, so maybe it’s not disco, but it’s definitely more upbeat than Young’s version of the song.

After discovering that Nicolette Larson sang this song it reminded me that my father actually had her debut album which lead off with “Lotta Love.”

I remember my younger self – in the way that kids do – finding Ms. Larson’s incredibly long hair to be hilarious.  I don’t recall my father ever actually listening to this album.  My mother claimed that he bought the album merely because he found Nicolette attractive.

At any rate it was interesting to make a connection between this mystery album of my childhood and a song that I’m actually familiar with.  Now if I could just get it out of my head.

By the way, if you have a thing for earworms like I do, “Random Song Stuck in My Head” is a regular feature on my Tumblog Portals of Discovery.

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